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About the Broek Sisters

Hi there! We're Emilie and Laura Broek, two sisters who have always had a passion for food and travel. In the summer of 2017 we decided to start sharing our experiences by creating an Instagram account, featuring delicious recipes and beautiful travel destinations! Broekybites has become a platform for both of us to express our passions and stay connected to our friends around the world. 

2018-08-16 12.22.01-1.jpg
2018-08-16 12.23.31-1.jpg

Throughout our childhood, we both identified with the label of 'third-culture kids,' after having grown up in different countries around the world: United States, Ethiopia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, and the Netherlands. This love for traveling and discovering new cultures is something we strive to highlight in our posts!  

We are currently based in the Netherlands. Emilie is a Master student at Leiden University and Laura just completed her Bachelor at Erasmus University.

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